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Long time no blog!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in the world of Cindy. 


Since the start of the New Year, I have become more conscious of my workout schedule and making sure it is a priority in the day to day.  I have been putting workouts in my planner and checking them off as I complete them.  I’m one of those weirdos that loves lists and being able to check things off so this really helps. 

I recently started doing a kettlebell workout that I found on the Women’s Health website after my treadmill runs.  Strangely, I find this workout fun so I look forward to it after sweating it out on the TM. 

Another new to me workout – BodyPump!  My gym offers a ton of Les Mills classes and I decided to try BodyPump after reading so much about it on Julie’s blog.  If your gym offers this class, take it IMMEDIATELY!  The class flies by and you get such great strength training in one hour.  Les Mills recently released new tracks so the class is even more new and fresh. 

And because it’s winter and this cold weather limits my workouts to indoors, it’s nice to pick up this winter sport again.

Half Marathon

Last week, I registered for my second half marathon and start training today.  I am running the More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon on April 14th.  Last year, I registered for this race and gave up on training after a bad case of shin splints.  While I was training for the Newport Half, I got shin splints again but did everything I could to recover so I could run it.  Now that I know how to help with my shin splints and incorporating more strength training, I am determined to PR at this race and actually enjoy it since the Newport Half was somewhat miserable.  Plus, it’s the race’s 10th anniversary!

For my first half, I followed fitsugar’s Half Marathon Training Schedule for Beginners.  This time I am going to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice II Half Marathon Training Schedule.  The two are pretty similar but I feel that Hal Higdon’s schedule will work better for me this time. 


Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

I passed my first test with IIN!  Woo-hoo!


After getting the “Congratulations! You have passed” message, I got an instant feeling of determination.  It was the boost I needed to get my health coaching started and into high gear.  I need to nail down the specifics but I know I need to get more leads and work on customizing my website.  This already is shaping up to be a busy week but I have to make the most of the little hours I have outside of work and get my priorities straight. 

Health/Workout Tip

As this winter season continues to get colder and colder, working out seems near impossible to get done.  But to keep up with my New Year goals and resolutions, I find it so helpful to schedule my workouts like appointments and researching health/fitness articles to keep me motivated.  This morning, while Googling, I stumbled upon this article on Gaiam’s website and it gave me some ideas to keep in mind when I’m just not feeling it.

It is now the new year and time to make resolutions.  I have never been about making resolutions when a new year begins.  However, I am a fan of making goals, which is something I do regularly throughout the year.  My goals range from being on a smaller scale like drink more water to a larger scale like better financial management.  Since I have the weekly goals I like to achieve, I figure I should make yearly goals that I can check up on periodically.  So here we go:

Complete another half marathon and PR.

In 2012, I ran my first half marathon with my best friend Jamie.  My time wasn’t stellar but acceptable for a first time runner.  From my first experience with marathon training, I realize I enjoy having a training schedule for working towards a goal.   Jamie and I have plans to run the More/Fitness Magazine Half Marathon in April so I will start training in February.

Budget better and pay down debt.

Managing my finances has been an on-going struggle, especially since I moved to NYC.  Everything is more expensive and there are so many more opportunities to eat out or have drinks after work.  I need to be a lot more conscious of what I am spending on and where I can save.

Run as many 5ks and 10ks as possible.

This goal will most likely be in full force come the summertime.  Since I was training for my half marathon throughout the summer, smaller races weren’t on my radar last year.  Hopefully, I will be able to collect more racing bibs since I plan to be done with my other goal by April.

Complete my health coaching program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


I started this program in October 2012 and am slated to complete it at the end of this summer.  I have been enjoying this program a lot and learning so much information about health and nutrition.  I know that to get the most out of the program I need to put more time into it so my goal includes making the best use out of all the materials.

Visit friends and family more.

Throughout the years I have had my oldest friend Katie and my sister Nelsy move to different states.  I have yet to visit Katie and I have only gone to Houston to visit Nelsy twice.  My goal is to visit both of them this year.   Also, I want to see my parents and friends from home more.

Remove the clutter, negativity, and unhealthy aspects from my life.

On a daily basis, I find that I am faced with a lot of the above and it’s a challenge to not let it bring you down.  Whether it is a coworker speaking negatively concerning someone/thing or a stranger being rude/inconsiderate, I need to not hold onto it and just let it go.  At the end of the day, the problem is not with me, it is within them.  Having a more positive and organized life is an important piece of the happiness puzzle.

Enjoy life!

There is so much we all take for granted and life continues to pass us by too quickly.  I know I am nowhere near old to most people, I still have those moments where I am surprised by the fact that I’ve been on this earth for more than a quarter of a century.  I need to live life to the fullest!

What about you?  Are you making any new year resolutions or goals?  What are they?


Pernil (Dominican roasted pork) for good luck


Finished pernil with a side of potato salad


Getting ready with the Naked Palette I got for Christmas from Jamie


Homemade mini cupcakes for post midnight celebrations


Happy New Year!

Part two coming at you!


This was a pretty uneventful day.  Nelsy and I started the day with breakfast at Maria’s Place in Salem.  I had not stepped foot in this breakfast spot since high school so it’s been quite a while.  I remember going with Jamie and Giselle with our fingers crossed that it wasn’t completely packed.  Thankfully for Nelsy and me, we got a table right away.


I ordered egg whites with Canadian bacon.  Underneath that massive serving of Canadian bacon is a decent pile of home fries.  When the waitress placed my meal in front of me, my first reaction was “Whoa.”  I’ve clearly been living in New York City long enough that I’m not used to getting this much food on a plate.

After breakfast, we headed over to our aunt’s house to spend time with some of our extended family.

Once we got a few hours of family time in, we went home to wrap gifts and do some baking.  My baking plans were to make a traditional cheesecake and red velvet whoopie pies.  Sunday night was cheesecake night.


I followed the Philadelphia Cheesecake Recipe.  It didn’t turn out perfectly (evidence above), however, it was still tasty.


In our family, we have a big Christmas Eve dinner.  I got up pretty early to work on my other baking project.  Before starting, I made sure to eat breakfast.


I had half of French Toast bagel from Bagel World.  Seriously, the best bagels I have ever had.  I still have not found a bagel as good in New York City.

After breakfast, I started up on the red velvet whoopie pies.  I followed this recipe from Annie’s Eats.  Everything was going smoothly until I realized I did not have enough food coloring so I had to make a quick run to the store.


They still turned out well.  I worked on the cream cheese frosting as they baked.  Here is the final product:


Other than the baking, I spent my day giving myself a manicure and getting ready for dinner.  So exciting, right?


Mami went all out like she usually does.  We had turkey, pernil (Dominican roasted pork), pastelitos, potato salad, pasteles, and regular salad.  I was beyond full after finishing a hefty plate of this delicious food.

After dinner, we dug into the desserts I made and went over to my aunt’s house to hang out.


This is what we woke up to on Christmas morning.


Christmas Day is very uneventful in our family.  Since we have our big dinner the night before, Christmas Day is spent lounging around.  Growing up, we used to stay up on Christmas Eve and opened our gifts at midnight.  As we have gotten older, we leave the unwrapping of gifts to Christmas morning.



I spent most of the day catching up on TV shows and eating leftovers.  I needed a day to do nothing.

Nelsy and I headed back to New York on Wednesday, which was smooth sailing until we reached Stamford, CT.  It started to flurry and then the weather continued to worsen.  Fortunately, we made it to the airport and Nelsy’s flight wasn’t super delayed.

My trip home was exactly what I wanted – time with family and time to relax.  I hope everyone also had a great holiday.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me.  Between gift shopping, traveling home, and settling back into the city, it feels great to be back in my own bed and getting back to my routine.  Although I’m happy to be back, the holidays were really fun, especially because my sister Nelsy was also home to enjoy them with the fam.

Let’s start from the beginning.


Nelsy flew into Newark on Thursday evening so we could drive to MA together on Friday morning.  We set out pretty early so we wouldn’t waste the day in the city.  We may have wanted to rethink our plan if we had known that Connecticut was going to be experiencing a massive downpour on our commute.  This definitely slowed us down a bit.  It was literally sheets of rain pouring down.  You could NOT see out the windshield at all.  After a few stops, we made it to Salem in the early evening and I immediately got ready for dinner with my bestie Jamie in Quincy.

We drove into Boston so I could drop Nelsy off to dinner with her high school bestie and I continued on toward Quincy.  Jamie and I met at The Fat Cat, which happens to be one of Jamie’s favorite restaurants as well as Tina’s.

I had been here once before with Jamie and love that the menu is full of comfort food options.  They also make their own wines, which were being offered at a special price for the holidays.

We started off with a bottle of The Fat Cat’s Chardonnay and an order of fried pickles.  For my entrée, I ordered the BBQ chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and broccolini.

This was definitely a tasty dish.

After finishing our wine and catching up a ton (I could seriously talk to this girl for days), we went our separate ways.  I headed back up to Boston to meet with Nelsy and her friend, Rebecca, at Towne.

(Courtesy of @nelsy1515 instagram.  You can follow me@cgomez08)

Without a doubt, good times were had.


I tried to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning but when your parents get up at the crack of dawn and start moving about the house, it’s hard to keep your eyes closed.  Plus, Nelsy and I had a few errands to run so we figured we’d start our days if we were up.  But before we left the house, we received a delivery.

Nick sent my family a Christmas centerpiece, which I thought was very sweet.

Our first stop was the Record Exchange in Salem, MA.

If you love vinyls, this is your vinyl heaven.  Nelsy was looking for some hip-hop albums that one of her DJ friends might not have.  No luck here since her friend already had any albums Nelsy suggested.

After the Record Exchange, we went to Front Street Coffeehouse for an early lunch.  I used to go to this place all the time while I was in college, which is ironic because I’m not a huge fan of coffee.  I didn’t start drinking it until this year and drink it very sparingly.  My favorite items from FSC are the sandwiches, particularly the Mission One.

This sandwich consists of turkey, cole slaw, American cheese, salami, and Russian dressing.  I got it sans the cheese and salami and on 5 grain bread.  Definitely brought me back.

When we finished our lunches, we got back in the car and headed for the mall.  I was expecting it to be a madhouse but it was actually pretty tolerable.  Granted the lots were full and there were a lot of people in the actual mall, there didn’t seem to be a lot of people shopping.  The stores themselves seemed rather empty.  We were searching for some NYE shoes for Nelsy but apparently it’s very difficult to find plain black leather pumps.  Everything comes in patent leather now!

After our unsuccessful trip to the mall, we headed home to get ready for dinner in Boston.  We picked up Rebecca and made our way to The Salty Pig in the Back Bay area.

This restaurant is pretty cool.  They offer a “make your own” charcuterie platter with tons of options.  They also feature a handful of different pizzas and salads.  Nelsy and Rebecca opted to start with a charcuterie platter, asking the bartender to surprise them, and I ordered the Simple Salad.

This salad lived up to its name for sure but was also packed with flavor.  It included mixed greens, candied walnuts, cranberries, and a lemon poppy seed dressing and was topped with parmesan shavings.

For our main course, Nelsy and I shared a pepperoni pizza.

I ended up taking off most of the cheese and pepperoni pieces off of my slices.  It was still pretty tasty just being sauce, basil, and bread.

After dinner, we dropped Rebecca off and headed to The Franklin Café for a couple of drinks.  It was a treat to pay a visit to my friends Frankie and Pete working behind the bar.

Part Two coming soon…

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