Weekly Goals and Workout Plan

In the midst of holiday season, I have noticed I have been feeling…out of it, health wise.  I have been trying to maintain healthy eating habits and getting enough sleep.  Where I feel that I am lacking is in the exercise department.

Soon after I completed the Newport Half Marathon, I took an unplanned break from working out.  I pretty much used the fact I reached my goal to slack off.  I understand that for most, taking a short break after finishing something like that is normal.  I took it to a different level.  Since the half, my workout schedule has been very sporadic.  One week, I ran a few days.  Another week I ran one day and did a quick strength training workout.  There were a few weeks where I did not workout at all.  And it is becoming clearer that due to this lack of fitness, I feel sluggish and just gross (ß really no other way to explain it).  I need to change this and what better time to do it than when we’re on the brink of a new year.

I want to end the year out with a bang!  Enter my weekly goals and workout plan.

Last week, I wrote out small goals I wanted to reach and checked them off as I accomplished them.  For some reason, this made reaching my goals easier.  Being able to check them off was surprisingly satisfying and I felt productive.

Since I have been writing them in my planner, I figured a more organized place to list my goals is on the blog and review them at the end of the week.  Below is my workout plan from last week.

Workout Plan

Workout at least 4 times

Monday – 3 mile run – DONE!

Tuesday – 2 mile run and lifting – DONE!

Wednesday – Pilates Fusion class  –  Unexpected rest day due to last minute babysitting opportunity

Thursday – 3 mile run and lifting – Shifted workout to Friday

Friday – Yoga or run or rest day – Nike Training Club App workout

Saturday – Long run (maybe 5-6 miles) – 5 miles DONE!

Sunday – Rest day – Definitely DONE did that!

Weekly Goals

  • Cook dinner at home 4 nights – Three nights is all I got around to.  Fail!
  • Bake something – Flourless peanut butter cookies!
  • Write three blog posts – Only two last week but hopefully we can get three down this week!
  • Catch up on IIN modules (dedicated post soon to come) – All caught up!

I haven’t quite figured out the details for my goals this week yet but I will hopefully have them squared away by the end of the day.

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